Farmland Rentals/Sales

We provide smallholder and commercial farmers with litigation free virgin farmlands on rent, leasehold or outright purchase basis.

Farmland Development

We acquire large tracts of litigation free virgin farmlands near water bodies for development into co-operative farms.

Training and Technology Transfer

We offer good agronomic practices training and business development services to our in-grower farmers and transfer new technology skills to farmers.

SocialFarm Empower

We support the disadvantaged: widows, teenage mothers, unemployed women, refugees, etc to produce high value crops on our farm lands and SocialFarm aggregates and markets the produce. Beneficiaries get land preparation, inputs, GAP training and marketing services.

In-grower Co-operative Schemes

We organise busy corporate officials, university graduates, businesses, NGOs, individuals and passionate agripreneurs to join our farm co-operative scheme and lease a share of our farmlands to produce food.

Market Linkages

We aggregate farm produce from nucleus farm and our co-operative farmers as well as other out-grower farmers and distribute to buyers.
We also procure inputs and farm services from dealers for our co-operative farmers.

Farm Tours

Interested farmland owners and agripreneurs (foreigners and locals) are taken to see available farmlands and established farms to have first hand view, experience and fun.

Support A Graduate In Farming

We provide young graduates farmlands, inputs and mechanized services on credit. They manage the allocated farmlands and credit inputs deducted from their produce sales.

Local Representation

We conduct market research and act as local agents for international social enterprises that want to launch in Ghana.